Nature’s Healing Gifts: Swiss Naturo Collection


Derived from the freshest parts of a plant containing rich amounts of meristem cells, growth hormones, vitamins, minerals and nucleic acid, the Phytotherapy Extracts in every Swiss Naturo’s oral drop supplements are truly nature’s healing gift.

With its bioactive ingredients, Phytotherapy Extract purifies, nourishes and revitalizes organ tissues on a cellular level, making it a powerful healing oral drop supplement.

Let’s take an in-depth view of each of the 8 products under the Swiss Naturo Collection.

Brief overview of the entire Swiss Naturo Collection here.


Swiss Naturo GM (Glucose Management) is specially formulated for those who want to manage their glucose levels better. Consuming Swiss Naturo GM will help to regulate your blood sugar levels, reduce LDL cholesterol and regulate your metabolism. Additionally, it also has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce cell inflammation.

Swiss Naturo GM is formulated with EGCG, a unique plant compound found in green tea, and Berberine vulgaris (barberry). The combination of these ingredients works together to improve insulin sensitivity, facilitate the transport of glucose into the cells as well as regulate cholesterol and metabolism.

Every 1ml of Swiss Naturo GM provides 5mg of berberine vulgaris with extraction ratio of 30:1, equivalent to 150mg berberine vulgaris, and 50mg EGCG from green tea extract, with extraction ratio of 10:1, equivalent to 500mg EGCG.




Formulated with saw palmetto extract, beta-sitosterol, lycopene and zinc, Swiss Naturo PH provides a broad-spectrum of bioactive compounds to alleviate urinary symptoms associated with enlarged prostate gland in men.

Its benefits range from alleviating enlarged prostate, improving urinary function, relieving pain and discomfort of the prostate and reducing the swelling and inflammation of the prostate.

Every 1ml of Swiss Naturo PH provides 50mg of saw palmetto extract (Serenoa repens) with extraction ratio of 10:1, equivalent to 500mg, 20mg beta-sitosterol (β-Sitosterol), 2mg lycopene and 2mg zinc.




If you are concerned about heavy metal exposure or want a simple solution to detoxify your system, then Swiss Naturo HMD will be your oral drop supplement of choice.

Swiss Naturo HMD is formulated with plant-based ingredients derived from kalonji, chlorella, cilantro (Coriandrum sativum), and an amino acid, acetylcysteine. Each ingredient plays an important role in supporting the normal detoxification process of the body and neutralizing free radicals.

This oral drop supplement works to aid in heavy metal detoxification, increase antioxidant protection, enhance liver detoxification as well as reduce absorption and reabsorption of toxic metals.

Every 1ml of SWISS NATURO HMD provides 50mg kalonji, 5mg chlorella, 20mg cilantro and 10mg of acetylcysteine. These ingredients work synergically in mobilizing heavy metals from the tissues to the circulatory system, which is then chelated and excreted out from the body via excretory system.




Swiss Naturo ML (Mood Lifter) is specially formulated to promote relaxation, focus and for those who have trouble sleeping.

Its key ingredients which are amino acids gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), L-theanine and L-tryptophan, offers a positive effect in balancing the nervous system, thus providing relaxation and improving sleep quality.

GABA and L-theanine are a dynamic duo that works wonders in promoting the release of dopamine and serotonin. The formulation is further fortified with L-tryptophan to support melatonin production which has an effective and wholesome effect in not only promoting relaxation and better sleep quality, but also aiding in concentration as well as alleviating stress and anxiety.

Every 1ml of Swiss Naturo ML provides 200mg GABA, 100mg L-theanine and 20mg L-tryptophan.




Formulated with plant-based polyphenols that contains therapeutic benefits, Swiss Naturo IRS works to soothe chronic inflammation such as joint pains and cartilage tissue damage.

One of its star ingredients resveratrol, is a well-known natural polyphenolic compound that is found to have therapeutic effects for the management of inflammation associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, neuroinflammation and osteoarthritis.

Every 1ml of Swiss Naturo IRS provides 100mg of resveratrol, 50mg apigenin and 10mg of kaempferol. This formulation is intended to lessen general inflammation and systemic inflammation associated with neuroinflammation, arthritis and skin inflammation.




Swiss Naturo KH is formulated with a synergistic blend of Phyto extracts that possesses diuretic effects, antilithic and anti-inflammatory properties. All of these play an important role in supporting the urinary system, specifically kidney health.

Some of the benefits of consuming Swiss Naturo KH include relieving kidney edema and urinary retention, alleviating urinary tract inflammation and reducing the accumulated levels of uric acid.

Every 1ml of SWISS NATURO KH provides 20mg Eutrochium purpureum (Joe-Pye Weed) with extraction ratio of 10:1, equivalent to 200mg Eutrochium purpureum extract, 20mg Juniperus (Juniper) with extraction ratio 10:1 equivalent to 200mg of Juniperus extract, 10mg solidago (Goldenrod) with extraction ratio of 10:1 equivalent to 100mg solidago extract, and 100mg of Bearberry with extraction ratio 10:1 equivalent to 1000mg Bearberry extract.



Overactive bladder is a condition of having the frequent and sudden urge to urinate, which can be difficult to control.  This may result in unintentional passing of urine and may be caused by urinary infections that irritate the bladder.

Swiss Naturo BC is formulated with plant-based ingredients which are best known for improving lower urinary tract symptoms. These symptoms include reduced urinary flow, incomplete emptying of the bladder, post urination dripping, and the constant urge to urinate. Besides that, it also supports bladder health by flushing out impurities and toxins from the urinary tract and reducing urinary inflammation.

Every 1ml of Swiss Naturo BC provides 100mg Bearberry with extraction ratio of 10:1 equivalent to 1000mg of Bearberry extract, 20mg Saw Palmetto with extraction ratio 10:1 equivalent to 200mg of Saw Palmetto, 20mg Urtica dioica (common nettle) extraction ratio 10:1 equivalent to 200mg of Urtica dioica extract, and 20mg Juniperus with extraction ratio 10:1 equivalent to 200mg Juniperus extract.



Swiss Naturo SH is formulated with a blend of phyto-aphrodisiac substances that increases blood flow in the reproductive organs, improves of sexual functions and libido, and boosts energy levels for better sexual performance. It is the perfect companion to support sexual wellbeing and alleviate erectile dysfunction.

Every 1ml of Swiss Naturo SH provides 50mg of Panax Extract with an extraction of 10:1 equivalent to 500mg Panax Extract, 50mg of Lepidium meyenii with an extraction ratio of 10:1 equivalent to 500mg Lepidium meyenii extract, 30mg of Yohimbe Bark with an extraction ratio of 10:1 equivalent to 300mg Yohimbe, 30mg of Barrenwort with extraction ratio 10:1 equivalent to 300mg Barrenwort, 40mg of Ptychopetali lignum with extraction ratio 10:1 equivalent to 400mg Ptychipetali extract and 10mg of ginger rhizome with extraction ratio 10:1 equivalent to 100mg ginger rhizome.

Together, these ingredients provide optimum support towards the reproductive organs and their functions, and boosts stamina for better sexual performance as well as overall health.