MF3’s Top 5 Immune Booster Picks to Build Up Your Immune System

During this time, building up our immune system is more crucial than ever. MF3 has a number of supplements that work to support the immune system and give your body the boost it needs to fight off unwanted infections, and become resistant to infectious diseases.

Here are MF3’s Top 5 Immune Booster Picks to build up your immune system:


Immunevit is formulated with a plant-based vitamin, activated 7 dehydrocholesterol and menaquinone 7. These key ingredients not only provide support for various immune cells, but also enhance the antimicrobial effects of macrophages and monocytes that play an essential role in fighting against pathogens.


Learn more about ImmuneVit here.


HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) 2IN1 is a food grade supplement that contains Aluminosilicate, coriander, black cumin and chlorella.

Together, these ingredients possess antiviral properties that not only work for heavy metal detoxification but may help reduce virus contagion and the spread of viral diseases.

Learn more about HMD 2IN1 here.

PTE Glow

PTE (Phytowhite Tripeptide Extract) Glow is not only a skin superhero that gives skin health an upgrade, but is also a supplement that provides support for the immune system.

This is because the tripeptides of PTE Glow comprise of three amino acids such as cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. The immune system works best if the lymphoid cells have a delicately balanced intermediate level of tripeptide.


Learn more about PTE Glow here.

GI Proenzyme Synbiotic

Many people believe that our gut health will affect the health of the other systems in our body.

GI Proenzyme Synbiotic is formulated with Proteolytic enzymes that possess a systemic effect in supporting the immune system. It does so by neutralizing immune triggers and interact with immune cells that is located in the gastrointestinal tract.

Learn more about GI Proenzyme Synbiotic here.

PE Softgel AF with Marine Cellular Extracts & MCE Evolution

These two superstar supplements are formulated with Marine Cellular Extracts that derived from high-quality fish milt, fish skin and fish cartilage. The extract does not only possess various anti-aging benefits but also has immune strengthening properties to provide overall health support to the body.

Learn more about PE Softgel AF with Marine Cellular Extracts here.

Learn more about MCE Evolution here.

What are you waiting for? Build up your immune system for a healthier and more vibrant you!

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DISCLAIMER: Please speak to your doctor or healthcare professional before incorporating any health or dietary supplement into your health regime.