MF3 Tri-Factor


MF3 Tri-Factor: unraveling the secrets to perfection

MF3 products share the sheer perfection of the brand’s three peerless and distinct attributes, known as the exclusive MF3 Tri-Factor, that are diligently upheld to guarantee the highest levels of quality and safety for worldwide consumers.

MF3 Tri-Factor 1: Technology


Cold-Processed Celluxinis™ Proteolytic Enzyme Extraction Technology. 
MF3 uses a proprietary cell isolation and extraction technology that eliminates all intense heat application or physical distortion during the procurement of fresh cellular extracts. In other words, none of the cellular materials is ‘cooked’ or ‘grinded’ using the conventional industrial methods of sterilization (+125°C to +225°C).

Implemented during the first-stage of production, this unmatched methodology involves an all-natural enzymatic digestion and multiple-step ultrafiltration process – retaining the highest degree of cellular bioactivity and ensuring an unmatched power in cellular regeneration.


Did you know that not all placental products consumers are applying or consuming contain all of the original goodness of placenta?

It is extremely common that current manufacturers of placental products utilize one of these three processes when manufacturing their placental products: Grinding, Lyophilisation or High Temperature Heating. These three sterilization and production processes are not the most ideal to retain the therapeutic potential of placenta and its cellular materials.

Grinding does not remove impurities and heavy metals; Lyophilisation damages the cellular wall structure of the placenta as a result of its vacuum suction; Heating of +125°C to +225°C destroys practically all of the natural bio-activeness.

Ultimately, what remains in the end-product of these extraction processes are merely amino-acid contents with little to minimal bio-activity.


Cellular Isolation & Extraction Methodology
Cold-Processed Celluxinis™ Proteolytic Enzyme Extraction Technology


Conventional Manufacturers

Cellular Preparation Methodology
Lyophilisation & Heat-Induced Sterilisation


MF3 Tri-Factor 2: Source


The Source: European State-certified Closed-colony of Sheep** & Rabbits raised for more than 40 Generations.

The cellular extracts used as MF3s product ingredients are specially procured from a European State-certified closed-colony* of sheep** bred specifically for medical purposes. Starkly different from the practice of commercial animal breeding, every batch of animals in the closed colony is raised for at least 40 generations since 1973, surpassing the requirements of global regulatory bodies such as WHO and USA-FDA.

The closed colony of animals is bred under controlled dietetic conditions supervised by an experienced team of veterinarians. The European Federal Authorities maintain records of all births, deaths, movements and medical data of these medical animals, as well as the Identification Ear Marks of each specific animal concerned.

*Closed-colony breeding refers to the practice of growing an animal population in a sealed and marginalized environment, which prevents contact with organisms outside the protected breeding region and limits the exposure to foreign sources of disease and contamination.

**Sheep placenta in the PE softgel is available in selected territories only; and where applicable is declared as selected nutrients on product labelling.


Closed-colony breeding of at least 25 to 30 generations is currently one of the safest production standards imposed for any form of cellular therapy. It eliminates risky genetic lineage of the procured animals, and adds accountability for consumers (knowing that every generation of animals are tagged upon birth, and every medical data or any form of aberration are recorded).

Nowadays, many reckless manufacturing and handling procedures – ‘procuring raw cellular materials ‘from the slaughterhouse’, ‘mass piling into freezer for days’, and ‘randomly selecting raw material blocks for processing’ – are exposing consumers to the risk of zoonosis transmission.

Therefore, adopting a stringently assessed and systemized procedure to procure raw cellular materials from pathologically safe animals is important and necessary. And this is the core production values that MF3 has upheld since 1991.

MF3 Tri-Factor 3: Accreditation


The Accreditation: Over 60 Certificates from Authorities Worldwide. This shows the significant level of commitment that the brand has towards assuring high quality and safety in all products.

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