MF3 Science

MF3 is a global authority on cellular DNA extraction technology, dietary nutritional supplements, cosmeceuticals, health and wellness. MF3 supplements are clinically proven, bio-active cell extracts in hi-tech softgel capsules for anti-aging, to assist in tissue regeneration and rejuvenation, giving you not just vibrant, revitalized, beautiful skin; but also a regenerated younger, healthier you.


Don’t Reinvent the Wheel. Anyone looking at the historical use of placenta will, no doubt, realize that its youth-restoring goodness has been embraced by different cultures throughout the world. Deemed universally as the jewel of anti-aging, placenta is a natural therapeutic agent with outstanding regenerative actions on all human tissues – a wholesome ingredient for wellness that has been used for centuries. So why reinvent the wheel?

MF3 Placental Therapy. MF3 synergizes the brand’s advanced cellular technology with premium grade placenta to draw out, in the most bioactive form, its myriad of natural anti-aging elements, including more than 200 rich growth factors, bio-active cytokines, dermal bio-activators, polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN), vitamins, minerals and other concentrated nutrients.

The anti-aging potential is extraordinary and multi-faceted. These active ingredients may reinforce deteriorating cells, promote cellular growth and renewal, enhance cellular metabolism, and most importantly, restore feelings of youthfulness and vitality.

All softgels of DNA Extracts of 1740 mg softgel with bioactive highly concentrated DNA extract of 375 mgs are at least 4 times more concentrated and biologically active than any normal placenta extracts (which are generally processed by freeze-dry or bio-extraction and never by cell culture) – i.e. the bioactivity and metabolic activity per softgel would be equivalent to 1500 mg of other placenta extracts in powder, liquid or hard gelatin form!

Get the Total Body Rejuvenation and Vitality you desire!