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MF3 began its proud history as MF3 of Switzerland, the brand that carries pioneering Softgels supplements made from animal and plant placenta extracts. Initially developed under LABDOM Suisse, MF3 of Switzerland’s revolutionary PE and VP Softgels Advanced Formula supplements became the forerunner of placenta supplements in the market and captured worldwide fans for their superior quality and proven results. MF3 of Switzerland continued to release exciting products until its operations and the IP rights of its supplements and premium aesthetic skincare range were acquired by Nexgen Biopharma Limited, a private entity based in Hong Kong. With a new brand identity, MF3 continues to deliver revolutionary high performing products to meet consumer demands and needs worldwide.

For years, MF3 products have done wonders to my skin and energy!

Cindy Ng

Mrs Malaysia Universe 2018

Elevating Excellence Worldwide

Global Brand, Award Winning Formulations

MF3 is a global anti-aging brand that offers Swiss-formulated and innovated supplements and skincare products for general health and beauty care with botanical and placental extracts as some of its exciting exclusive ingredients. MF3’s products are the result of cutting edge technology, innovated and formulated in Switzerland, and marked with quality assurance and product accreditations, referred here as the MF3 Tri-Factor. This celebrated hallmark reflects the brand’s pioneering role in the global anti-aging industry for the past 20 years, delivering trust and unrivalled rejuvenation to consumers worldwide.

MF3 is trademarked in Switzerland.

Only With MF3

Looking YOUNG and Feeling YOUNG


Since the late 1980’s, MF3 founders have endeavoured to share their perennial beliefs to every man and woman around the world – that the true practice of multifaceted anti-aging should go beyond the mere experience of realizing beauty. The ultimate mission is to reach an unequalled savouring of life’s enjoyment, while maximizing all of its pleasures along the way.


We offer an award-winning range of consumer products that not only rejuvenate the external beauty of aging men and women, but also uplift their physical vitality from within. We work with revitalisation experts worldwide to bring the best products and ingredients to our consumers.


MF3 Tri-Factor: MF3 products share the brand’s three distinct attributes, known as the MF3 Tri-Factor, that are upheld to guarantee the highest levels of quality and safety for worldwide consumers. MF3 Tri-factor covers: the technology – Cold-Pro Enzyme Extraction Technology, the source – exclusive ingredients with extracts from fish, mammal and plant placenta, and the accreditations from several countries to assure high quality and safety in all products. MF3 values the trust and safety of their consumers.