Brand Protection


MF3 is a global brand respected for its longstanding heritage and reputation for improving lives. With the nature of MF3’s anti-aging innovations having a direct impact on people’s wellbeing, ensuring consumer safety through superior quality and stringently controlled production is very important to the brand.

MF3 is aware of the many potential health risks that could arise from the ill-informed use of counterfeit products. While experts at MF3’s brand protection unit are working hard to drive down these illegal activities, the brand has established several ways to keep valued users informed and protected:


Keeping in mind that product counterfeiting takes many forms, MF3 brand protection solutions involve a comprehensive range of authentication features that aids you to easily identify genuine MF3 products.

MF3 holographic decal with individual serial number (e.g. MF3 33030333)

The identical MF3 holographic decal (without serial number by design) on each aluminium pouch*

Certificate of Authenticity *

Unique serial number on barcode label**

MF3 holographic authentication hang tag

*applicable to softgels only
**Implemented on 1st November 2013. Not applicable to products purchased prior to this date.


At MF3, we take great efforts to ensure that the MF3 products you purchased are genuine, safe and authorized by MF3 Ltd. All of our MF3 products are equipped with a unique serial number for simple, fast and secure authentication.

To verify the genuineness of your MF3 products, please click here.


MF3 implements a structured inventory management and delivery system that enables you to track on-going movement of individual items across the global delivery chain. You will also be able to trace back the past movement, destination and handovers of individual items to monitor your purchases.

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