Why is it Important to Wear Sunscreen Daily?

Whether you enjoy basking in the sun or avoid getting exposed to it altogether, wearing sunscreen should be part of everyone’s skincare routine. Even if you spend most of your time indoors, wearing at least an SPF 15 sunscreen daily is ideal for you and your skin’s health.

This is because rays can also pass-through glass windows, and on cloudy days, damaging UV rays from the sun can also penetrate through clouds by 80%.

Here are a few reasons why it is important to wear sunscreen daily:

1. Prevent premature skin aging

UV rays from the sun is known to cause premature skin aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and hyperpigmentation. So, the sooner you make sunscreen part of your beauty and skincare routine, the better.

2. Reduce risk of skin cancer

Being exposed to the sun often can increase the risks of getting skin cancer if we do not wear proper sun protection. Which is why anyone who is constantly outdoors are advised to wear sunscreen with SPF 30 and above.

3. Minimize sunburn and skin damage

Extended periods of time being exposed to the sun and its damaging UV rays can lead to sunburns that are not only painful but also look unsightly. Constantly getting sunburns can also damage skin and can contribute to other skin issues.

4. Reduce uneven skin tone

Wearing a protective layer of sunscreen will help to reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and skin discoloration. These will normally appear as we age in the form of liver spots or sun spots.

5. Reduce skin inflammation

Most people are sensitive to the sun and can develop inflamed skin or skin redness from being exposed. Sunscreen is known to reduce the skin’s sensitivity and helps to minimize skin issues when exposed to the sun.

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