Heavy Metals Alert!

Heavy Metals Alert!

Heavy metal toxicity has been a health risk to humanity since the rise of the industrial age. These toxic substance can enter, accumulate and affect our bodily system in various ways. Here are some common heavy metals and their associated health risks you should know.

Cadmium (cigarettes/food) : kidney damage, skeletal damage (osteoporosis / fractures),may increase risk cardiovascular disease
Mercury (food/dental amalgam) : risk to the fetus, low risk of neurological damage to adults
Lead (petrol) : children are susceptible, neurotoxic effects
Arsenic (food/drink) : increased risks of skin cancer, hyperkeratosis and pigmentation changes, lung cancer

Symptoms of toxicity:
 Chronic fatigue
 Weight loss resistance
 Anxious and irritable
 Cold hands and feet
 Metallic taste in mouth
 Muscle tremors
 Chronic pain
 Skin problems
 Feeling disoriented
 Digestive problem
 Cognitive dysfunction
 Poor immunity

How to get rid of these harmful things from our body?

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