استمع إلى ما يقوله زبائننا.

إنه يعمل بشكل جيد للغاية بالنسبة لي. قال جميع أصدقائي إنني أبدو أصغر من عمري بأكثر من 10 سنوات.

مين سو ، أستراليا
مستخدمة كبسولات المشيمةMF3 PE Softgels AF

لقد أخذت MF3 الكبسولات الهلامية Placenta لمدة 10 سنوات ، وفي عمري الآن ، أعتقد أن بشرتي تبدو جيدة وطاقتي كبيرة. ما زلت آخذها حتى الآن.

Rofiji C ، إندونيسيا
مستخدمة كبسولات المشيمةMF3 PE Softgels AF

My skin looks pretty, and younger . Thank you so much.
I want to buy more PlaqX in the US.

Linh N, United State
MF3 PE Softgels AF with Placenta, MF3 PE Softgels AF with Premium Marine Caviar, PlaqX (Softgels) user

تم تقديم المنتج لي من قبل عمي في نيجيريا. لقد جربته وقد جعلني أشعر أنني بحالة جيدة جدًا وساعدني على أن أبدو أصغر من عمري وهو أمر جيد حقًا. أنا أحب هذا المنتج وأوصي به للآخرين.

أجيبولا أ ، المملكة المتحدة
مستخدمة كبسولات المشيمةMF3 PE Softgels AF

Impressive as it helps to feel more energy, health. My digestive problems have improved a lot and articulation problems have improved by 90%. I highly recommend it. Excellent products to improve health. And I look younger than before.

Guillermo Alvarado, Mexico
MF3 PE Softgels AF with Placenta and Evolution 3IN1 user

Look young and more healthy

Eunice Chee, Malaysia
الدكتور باراماسيفام ، ماليزيا

My friends can see my skin has brighter and myself found that my joint problem has improvement, especially my knee. 

Liew Y. C., Malaysia
الدكتور باراماسيفام ، ماليزيا

تعزيز الحصانة ،
بشرة أفضل ،
زيادة حيوية 

الدكتور باراماسيفام ، ماليزيا
الدكتور باراماسيفام ، ماليزيا

Skin has been brighten up after 2 weeks and better sleep during the night. 

Jenny Chiu, Hong Kong
Evolution 3IN1 user

Skin is visually supple and a sense of well being rejuvenated from within. From the very first capsule, you can feel the difference. 

Jason Yeo, Singapore
VP Evolution user

I am taking PE Softgels AF with Placenta after being referred to MF3 by my physician. It has been a life changing experience for me. After taking the softgels, I look younger, healthier and can sleep better.

Lim C. K., Malaysia
PE Softgels AF with Placenta user

I have been taking PE Softgels AF with Placenta for the past 12 months. I find it extremely good for my skin complexion and my energy level. I will continue to take it. Thank you very much.  

Joseph Ho, Malaysia
PE Softgels AF with Placenta user

After taking MF3 PE Softgels AF, I have experienced better energy, stamina and appetite. My skin feels much softer too. I don’t just look young, I feel younger as well!  

Henry Pang, Malaysia
PE Softgels AF with Placenta user

After using MF3 PE Softgels AF for only two weeks, the freckles on my face had obviously faded and my skin was more lustrous. After three weeks of eating the softgels, my skin was brighter and smoother. I was so surprised. I will continue to use it and introduce it to my friends.

Toh Mei Lee, Malaysia
PE Softgels AF with Placenta user

I have been taking MF3 for about 4 years, many peoples say I look younger than my age after taking MF3 and I don’t have much of menopause issues/symptoms during my menopause transition about 3 years ago.  

Melissa Loh, Malaysia
PE Softgels AF with Placenta user

My face used to have lots of pimples and caused my skin very rough with big pores. My skin complexion was dull and looks very tired. I have taken a few types of collagen and placenta products but it doesn’t work at all and cost me lots of money. Just a year ago , my beautician recommended me to consume MF3 VP Softgel in order to get better result for my skin. So, I have decided to take 4 months in a row and I have noticed that, my skin has became more fine and smooth . Not only that, I realized my face has been lifted and tighten with more brighten complexion. My beautician suggested my to take MF3 PE soft gel in alternate month. Now, lots of people told me that I look so much younger than my actual age. I feel more confident to myself and I would definitely continue to support MF3 products. Thanks to MF3 for giving me back my youthful skin and confidence !!  

Ho Wan Peng, Malaysia
PE Softgels AF with Placenta and VP Softgels AF user

Esther Chong

MF3 most loyal customers at our MF3 Swiss Exclusive Centres.

Esther Chong
PE Softgels AF with Placenta, MF3 VP Softgels AF and MF3 PQ10 user

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