The Swiss Naturo Phyto Myco Anti-Onco is a combination of botanical extracts that possess antioxidant and antitumor properties that can be taken for cancer management.

Anti-Onco works by boosting the immune system by increasing the white blood cells as well as helping to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy to improve quality of life.


Yarrow, Agropyron repens, Marigold, Cankerwort, Wild succory, Cornelian cherry, European mistletoe, and Yerba Mate.


Fight chronic fatigue and stress with Swiss Naturo Phyto Myco De-Stress, formulated with a blend of powerful plant and mushroom extracts that help to regulate and maintain heart rate, blood pressure and sugar metabolism.


Chinese wolfberry, Magnolia berry, Orpin Rose, Acanthopanax Obovatus, Ginseng Root, Holy basil, Seaberry, and Shiitake.