Indulge your scalp in the luxurious benefits of Swiss Naturo Phyto Myco Scalp Care.

Scalp Care is carefully crafted with a rich blend of botanical extracts to fortify your hair follicles and scalp. By stimulating hair growth through improved blood circulation, your scalp receives an optimal flow of oxygen and nutrients for healthy, luscious locks.


Camellia, 5-leaf Ginseng, Silver birch, Stinging nettle, False daisy, Indian gooseberry, Asiatic pennywort, Greater burdock, and Walnut.


Experience the transformative power of Swiss Naturo Phyto Myco HFR (HER), infused with natural botanical extracts that support hair growth and prevent hair loss.

By reducing scalp inflammation, stimulating hair growth, and mitigating the physiological effects of stress that can cause hair loss, HFR (HER) is here to help you reclaim your confidence and radiance.


Dangshen, Puncture vine, Lingzhi, Cayenne pepper, Turmeric, and Red clover.


Get back your masculine confidence with Swiss Naturo Phyto Myco HFR (HIM).

HFR (HIM) is a specially crafted formula, infused with natural botanical extracts that prevent hair miniaturization in men while supporting new hair growth. Its formula works to unleash the power of nature to give you fuller, healthier-looking hair.


Common sage, Rosemary, Common hop, Silver birch, Greater burdock, Black alder, Indian cress, and Field horsetail.