MF3 VP Softgels AF Mini

Daily Nutritional Support System with Vegetal Placenta (Phyto-Cellular Extracts) for Complete Wellness and Rejuvenation

A scientifically proven substitute to animal placenta extracts, MF3 VP Softgels Advanced Formula (VP Softgels AF) incorporates the rejuvenating and youth-restoring wonders of Vegetal Placenta, premium grade phyto-cellular extracts specially derived from Dermacenta™ – a rare non-genetically modified soybean plant from France.

The phyto-cellular extracts function as cell bio-activators and anti-oxidative agents, stimulating cellular growth and regulating excess free radicals to counter your body’s aging and skin damage in a natural way.

Clinically tested to have zero traces of animal or synthetic derivatives, this botanical innovation is aimed at growing niche markets such as the recognised vegetarian and halal market.

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The Art of Channeling Nutrients to Your Core

High-Tech Softgels

VP Softgels AF is fortified with special double-enteric coated softgels and strengthened by the brand’s superior Anti-Reflux Technology to form an outstanding transport mechanism for all of the vegetal placenta’s goodness, directly to the core of your body. Whether they are at the stomach or the large intestine, these high-tech softgels can effectively prevent acid-alkaline digestion at both areas, ensuring optimal absorption in the gastrointestinal tracts for maximum rejuvenation.

The Art of Channeling Nutrients to Your Core

Benefits of MF3 VP Softgels AF

With the supplementation of vital nutrients for cellular growth, VP Softgels AF is proven to deliver age-defying benefits that visibly create a long-lasting and uplifting dimension to natural health, beauty and vitality – all from the inside-out.

Musculoskeletal Rejuvenation

  • Enhance overall health and endurancea
  • Strengthen the body’s natural detox system to improve digestion
  • Improve stress response
  • Balance energy levels
  • Purify the reproductive system

Musculoskeletal Rejuvenation

  • Boost the musculoskeletal system’s ability for natural repair
  • Improve joint flexibility

Aesthetic Rejuvenation

  • Enhance protein synthesis
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Repair free-radical damage
  • Enhance internal sun-shield abilities



Dermacenta (Vegetal Placenta) Extract