MF3 Swiss Naturo KH

Kidney Health

Formulated with a synergic blend of Phyto extracts that possess diuretic effect, anti-lithic and anti-inflammatory properties which plays an important role in supporting the urinary system, specifically kidney health.

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Benefits of MF3 Swiss Naturo KH

  • Relieves kidney edema and urinary retention
  • Alleviates the urinary tract inflammation
  • Reduces the accumulated levels of uric acid

The Bio Active Ingredients


An antiseptic phytoextract that is most well-known and historically used to support bladder and urinary tract health. It contains arbutin, which forms an antibacterial compound such as hydroquinone within the urinary system to alleviate the inflammation of the urinary system and supports healthy bacteria balance to prevent harmful bacteria growth. In addition, Arbutin is greatly known for its benefits in reducing uric acid accumulation and treating kidney stones. Besides, Bearberry contains diuretic phytochemicals to prevent kidney and urinary oedema.

Eutrochium purpureum

The antilithic ingredient which is known to have the ability to soften and dissolve kidney stone so it can pass through the kidney to the bladder and be eliminated through urination. It also has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, supporting the body to relieve urinary retention and kidney oedema symptoms.


Rich in active chemical constituents such as flavonoids and coumarins that have diuretic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Juniperus has traditionally been used to support kidney health and relieve the urinary tract by increasing urinary volume, flushing out impurities and toxins from the urinary tract, and reducing inflammation.


An aquaretic Phyto extract rich in flavonoids, specifically quercetin and its derivatives, which can inhibit the neutral endopeptidase, improves urinary volume without affecting the electrolyte balance of electrolytes in the body. In addition, goldenrod is known for its benefits in supporting kidney and urinary tract health by promoting the removal of renal deposits and harmful organisms responsible for developing kidney stones and urinary tract infections.



Bearberry, Eutrochium purpureum, Juniperus, Goldenrod

General Protocol

All SWISS NATURO ranges are safe to be consumed by mixing with lukewarm water or sublingual administration.


Mix 1ml (equivalent to 15 drops) per serving with lukewarm water and drink daily. Best taken on empty stomach.

Sublingual administration

Place 15 drops under the tongue, swirl for a few minutes before swallowing.


Not suitable for people with either acute or chronic inflammation of the kidneys or kidney failure. Should not be used by pregnant women or lithium user. The phytoextract shown to lower blood glucose levels, be cautious if you are a diabetic under medication. Do not take if you are allergic to goldenrod or any ingredients contained in this product.

Possible drug interactions: Be cautious with this combination. Speak with your health provider. Antidiabetes and Diuretic drugs.

Shelf Life

2 years after manufacturing. Mild sedimentation may occur and is considered normal within product shelf life.