MF3 HFR Beard Follicle Activator

An Advanced Formulation For Beard Growth And Health

Formulated with Proprietary Blend Beard Follicle Regenerator that will specifically target the beard dermal papilla to augment the androgen levels binding to the androgen receptor. It stimulates the production of androgen-dependent paracrine growth factors, and promotes the proliferation of hair epithelial cells.

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Benefits of MF3 HFR Beard Follicle Activator

Formulated with the Proprietary Blend Beard Follicle Regenerator, a restorative component that stimulates the beard hair follicles, enabling facial hair to grow and prolonging the growth phase.

  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Low molecular weight 10kda Nano peptides; offers high permeability to facial hair follicles
  • Natural peptides
  • Key bioactive: Insulin-like growth factors and vascular endothelial growth factors.
  • No preservatives, no parabens, no alcohol, and no animal testing.

How to Use Beard Follicle Activator With The Microned Stamper

  1. Sterilize the dropper and both stamper and bottle with 75% alcohol before using it for treatment.
  2. Transfer the content of MF3 Beard Follicle Activator extract into the MicroNed Stamper bottle using the dropper provided.
  3. Tighten the stamper cap onto the bottle and tighten to ensure tight fit.
  4. Shake content well before use.
  5. Place the MicroNed Stamper at the edge of where you like to target the beard hair to grow (jawline and sideburn). Ensure that these areas of the skin are clean beforehand. Apply the device horizontally across the treatment area, using vertical and diagonal stamping motions, for 3 to 5 seconds each round. Apply enough pressure for the needles to penetrate the scalp and feel a slight prickling or tingling, but not enough to cause pain.
  6. After usage, clean the MicroNed Stamper with water then sterilize with 75% alcohol. Keep in a dry place.

What is Microned Stamper

MicroNed Stamper is manufactured with an array of 24k Gold plated microneedles that are 0.50mm thin. Each needle has a spiral grove that helps to deliver the ingredients into the skin (direct drug delivery), leaving behind only a tiny, invisible hole in the skin. MicroNed Stamper is an applicator that allow you to target more specific areas of the skin, and is safer in the sense that there is less risk of damaging surrounding hair follicles by pulling the hairs out at the root.

Beard Hair Versus Head/Eyebrow Hair

Unlike the hair found on our scalp or eyebrows, beard hair follicles and their growth are largely propelled by the testosterone hormone. The linear hair growth rate for beards is determined by the amount of dihydrotestosterone, a byproduct of testosterone activated via enzymes in the hair follicles’ oil glands.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen and is the main regulator of changes in hair growth. Both scalp hair follicles and beard follicles are sensitive to DHT, but it impacts them differently. High levels of circulating androgens such as DHT can shrink hair follicles as well as shorten the hair growth cycle, resulting in hair loss.

Androgens stimulate the proliferation of keratinocytes, prompting the dermal papilla to produce androgen-dependent paracrine growth factors. Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) was identified as one of the androgen-dependent paracrine growth factors, acting as the paracrine mediator from dermal papilla cells (DPC) to epithelial cells.

DHT, however, exerts an opposite effect on beard hair follicles. Beards possess androgen receptors, thus making beard growth rate dependent on androgen. Androgen acts on the epithelial hair follicles via mesenchyme-derived dermal papilla situated at the base of the follicles – the dermal papilla is the main site of androgen action in hair follicles as it contains low capacity, high affinity androgen receptors.

Androgens prolong the growth phase of beard hair and promote their conversion from vellus to terminal type. Since beard hair growth is triggered and regulated by DHT, men with naturally low androgenic hormones will not be able to grow thick and voluminous beards.

By taking this information into account, MF3 Beard Follicle Activator was carefully formulated with Proprietary Blend Beard Follicle Regenerator – an advanced solution that primes the follicles for growth, fuels liner growth, stimulates hair follicle development, and prolongs the anagen phase via augmentation of DHT in beard hair dermal papilla. Each individual epithelial hair follicle of the beard is affected by this solution’s unique mechanism of action.


General Protocol

Apply once a day at night onto a clean face with MicroNed Stamper. Treatment duration: 3 months (once every 3 days ~ 24 applications).


Not suitable for acneic skin or skin with severe scars and inflammation.


+ 4°C To +16°C, keep away from direct sun light, heat, and moisture. The product should be stored in cool temperatures as it is formulated without preservatives.

Potential Side Effects

Certain individuals should not perform the needling process with the MicroNed Stamper without the supervision of a doctor. These include:

  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Those on blood thinners or similar medications.
  • Those with a history of open wounds, or who currently have acne or open wounds on their skin or hairline.
  • Those who are currently recovering from post microdermabrasion, botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, IPL, chemical peels, or cosmetic surgery, should wait to perform the needling process until inflammation from those treatments are resolved.

Note: Increase or decrease the frequency of the procedure based on individual specific skin reaction.