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Global beauty & wellness organization, MF3 partnered with all-student lead Colour Away Covid to fund underprivileged families.

November 1, 2021- MF3 Ltd, an award-winning global beauty & wellness organization has partnered with Colour Away Covid, a regional all-student lead non-profit group to fund underprivileged families and children to have better access to online education.

This partnership’s mission is to ensure that a sum from the global revenues received from is channeled to Colour Away Covid. All sponsorship would then be funneled to selected charitable organizations to fund internet connectivity and their families’ immediate needs.

Professor Dr. Mike Chan, the Co-Founder of MF3 said “We are delighted to partner with Colour Away Covid whose vision is to ensure that underprivileged students have access to education during times of covid-19. Both MF3 and Colour Away Covid also share common goals in supporting these underprivileged children and their families, which have suffered financially during the pandemic. At MF3, we are committed to our culture of giving, sharing and bringing joy to those in need, locally and regionally”.

“The pandemic and selected lockdowns have isolated us. With the Colour Away Covid, we aim to jointly foster closer human touch points and communication between the communities. This partnership not only provides us the opportunity to connect with the communities but to impact their lives positively, now and their future”, said Professor Dr Michelle Wong, who is also the Co-Founder of MF3.

Nixon Chung, a student and Director of Colour Away Covid, Malaysia said,

“We are proud to partner with MF3, a global organization. Their charitable culture of giving is not only laudable but inspiring. For the Colour Away Covid ‘Dear Malaysia’ campaign, we are laser-focused on providing hundreds of underprivileged students with free access to WiFi internet.” He further added, “With MF3’s strong support coupled with 50 global influencers with over 10 million followers supporting us, we are very confident in reaching ours and the charitable organizations’ goals, faster.”

Yu Hang, Director of Color Away Covid, Hong Kong said “As a student myself, I truly understand the importance of having good internet accessibility for education. MF3 is a great addition to the other prestigious global organizations who are also supporting Colour Away Covid. As always, we are very privileged to have them in supporting our vision and goals”. She added that Colour Away Covid will be providing MF3 specially designed “Thank you” cards for all its online purchasers.

Both MF3 and Colour Away Covid said these noble efforts which started in Hong Kong and now expanded to Malaysia, are an excellent collaboration springboard for other countries including the UK and USA in the very near future.

About MF3

MF3 began its proud history as MF3 of Switzerland 30 years ago. The global award-winning beauty and wellness brand, pioneered Swiss-made softgels supplements. Research, innovated and trademark in Switzerland, MF3’s revolutionary Evolution Series Softgels supplements have captured worldwide fans for their superior quality and proven results. MF3 continued to release exciting products until its operations and the IP rights of its supplements, premium aesthetic, skin & hair care range were acquired by Nexgen Biopharma Limited. With a new brand owner and identity, MF3 continues to grow from strength to strength, and deliver revolutionary high performing globally sourced products to meet consumer demands and needs worldwide.

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About Colour Away Covid

Colour Away Covid is an initiative founded by a team of secondary school and college students living in Malaysia & Hong Kong with a passion to serve others and to aid those who are especially vulnerable in the pandemic. Our vision for the ‘Dear Malaysia’ campaign is to ensure that underprivileged children have access to education and other related equipment during times of crises, and to provide support to their families who have suffered greatly.

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