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Women’s health from MF3 Advanced Formula premium softgels series.

For this women’s day month, we would like to highlight the greatness of our premium MF3 Advanced Formula softgels series on women’s health.

In our AF series, we have three different softgels each containing excellent products for health & overall wellness for your daily fitness and works great as an anti aging supplement!

MF3 Placental Extract Advanced Formula Softgels (PE AF) contains active ingredients that really works on women’s body such as sheep placenta extract, fish DNA cellular extract, and natural antioxidant extracted from botanical ingredient. These really works for :
 Cellular rejuvenation / renewal,
 Healthy skin (skin density, hydration, skin tone & pigmentation),
 Immune system

MF3 Vegetal Placenta Extract Advanced Formula Softgels (VP AF) contains the greatness of vegetal placenta extract, botanical extract, and natural antioxidant from botanical ingredient that really important on women’s health such as :
 Cellular rejuvenation /renewal,
 Whitening effect & healthy skin
 Alleviate menopausal symptomps
 May reduce risk of osteoporosis

MF3 Placental Extract Advanced Formula with Premium Fish DNA Cellular Extract have the wonders of fish DNA cellular extract, grape seed extract, and Coenzyme Q10 for women’s :
 Musculoskeletal system,
 Healthy skin (skin density, hydration, skin tone, pigmentation),
 Immune system

Get the greatest overall fitness & wellness from our premium supplements now and cherish the Women’s Day special promotions just for you!

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