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Vegetal Placenta


Vegetal Placenta, also known as Plant Placenta is found at the heart of young plants under the pistil which nourishes the fruit during its growth. It has extraordinary regenerating power and other benefits good for your health and body.

With MF3, you can have the benefits of placenta extracts from our MF3 VP Softgels Advanced Formula which formulated with 9 botanical ingredients and rich in amino acid, mineral, vitamins, polyphenols and antioxidant.

Our MF3 VP Softgel AF ingredients:
 Soybean seed extract (non GMO soybean from France)
 Ascorbic Acid
 Grape Seed Extract
 Pomegranate Extract
 Alpha Lipoic Acid
 Coenzyme Q10

For your health benefits:
 Protect bone health (reduce risk of osteoporosis)
 Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
 Alleviate postmenopausal syndrome
 Reducing cellular damage caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun

In aesthetic values
 Increase the number of elastic and collagen fibers which in turn increases its elasticity and a promotes a more youthful appearance.
 Great reductions in wrinkle depth in menopausal women
 Protect the skin from free radial damage and reduce the effects associated with the aging process such as wrinkles and fine line.
 Improve skin tone and skin hydration

Try our vegetal placenta supplement VP Advanced Formula Softgels today, and experience rejuvenation from within.

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