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Tired of constantly looking for a solution to your beauty blues?

Ageing, stress, pollution, dark spots, rough and dull skin are among the most common skin problems we face on a daily basis. MF3 is here to help you combat these beauty dilemmas with two of its leading skin care product: Caviar DNA Day Serum and Caviar DNA Night Serum.

MF3 Caviar DNA Day and Caviar DNA Night Serum

The secret? MF3’s innovative anti-ageing ingredients: Caviar DNA extract, liquorice root extract, B-white extract, and LB complex, working together to supply the body with moisture and support the skin’s own repair system.

Begin by applying the Caviar DNA Day Serum on a freshly cleansed face to deliver continuous 10-hour hydration action. Before going to bed, put on the Caviar DNA Night Serum to enhance the skin’s natural anti-oxidative, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory functions at night. This routine will help increase the skin’s renewal process and restore the radiant glow you would want to share every day.