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PlaqX for Liver Health

Drug treatment cannot cure hepatitis. It is ineffective against viral causes of hepatitis and is limited in ability to restore health to the organ. A healthy diet and safe lifestyle are crucial points in ensuring that the liver does not deteriorate. Here, specific yet limited use natural supplements can help you. The MF3 brand carries one effective rehabilitation supplement to support the liver function, help relieve negative symptoms and promote the rebuilding of liver tissue and function – PlaqX.

Formulated with antioxidants, PlaqX is mostly made from plant-based phosphatidylcholine. Due to phosphatidylcholine’s natural properties in cellular repair, it has been used for more than 40 years worldwide to improve cellular functions and restore vascular health. Some of the material’s known benefits are:

  1. Exerting potent antioxidant effects (especially on an inflamed liver due to hepatitis)
  2. Stabilizing the cell membrane
  3. Improving the integrity and function of the liver cell
  4. Inhibiting the tendency of stellate cells to progress to cirrhosis
  5. Decreasing apoptotic death of liver cells thereby prolonging the life of liver cells
  6. Exerting an antifibrotic effect in the breakdown of collagen

However it’s important to eliminate all offending dietary agents such as alcohol, caffeine, certain types of drugs, sugar, margarine and fried foods to prevent relapse and aid in the recovery process.

PlaqX also supports secondary health benefits, which can serve non-patients of hepatitis as well.

Other health benefits

Healthier Lungs & Gastrointestinal tract
Relieve Respiratory distress syndrome
Gastrointestinal tract protection (enterocolitis)
Relieve diabetes mellitus with complications
Relieve symptoms of bile and gallbladder disorders

Brain and nervous system

Improve memory function
Relieve headache & neurological conditions

Urogenital system

Improve kidney function
Prevent kidney damage
Improve sexual potency

Cardiovascular system (as a supporting diet)

Reduce high blood pressure
Decrease triglycerides
Lower LDL cholesterol
Reduce atherosclerotic plaques and carotid stenosis
Prevent thrombosis


Anti-aging effect
Essential nutrition supply in low cholesterol diet and cholesterol lowering drugs
Improve oxygen and nutrients supply in all tissues

PlaqX = 900mg Phosphatidylcholine

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