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New Lifestyle Combination: Toxin Elimination is Essential for Our Organs to Function at Their Best

Toxins are defined as any substance or element that is toxic to the body and unfortunately, we are constantly exposed to toxins in our everyday life without us knowing it. Toxins can come from various sources including water, food, cleaning products, cosmetics, perfume and many others.

Long-term exposure to these can prevent our organs from functioning well and even damage them. This can also lead to poor gut health, low metabolism and eventually weight gain over time.

Some symptoms of toxic exposure include vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, sore throat, frequent urination and abdominal pain.

Though preventing toxin exposure is impossible, toxins from the body can be removed and limited through detoxification.

MF3’s Toxin Elimination supplement combo from our latest Lifestyle Combination range is curated to detoxify the body.

It consists of the Swiss Naturo HMD (30ml), GI Proenzyme Synbiotic (20 capsules) and PlaqX (10 softgels) that work well together for heavy metal detoxification as well as helping you achieve healthier gut and cholesterol levels.

About the products in this combo:

Swiss Naturo HMD (30ml):

Formulated with a plant-based detoxifier such as Kalonji, Green Algae, Cilantro and amino acid, Acetylcysteine, each ingredient plays an important role in supporting the body’s normal detoxification process by neutralizing free radicals. It works by mobilization of heavy metals from tissue to the circulatory system to stimulate glutathione and the conversion of toxic metals to their non-toxic state via the formation of metal complexes and conversion into their reduced forms.

Benefits of Swiss Naturo HMD:

  • Aids in heavy metal detoxi­fication
  • Enhances liver detoxi­fication
  • Increases antioxidant protection
  • Reduces absorption or reabsorption of toxic metals

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GI Proenzyme Synbiotic (20 capsules):

An improved formulation designed with proteolytic enzymes, multiple strains of probiotics and prebiotics that work together, in synergy, to support gastrointestinal health and systemic immune functions. It can regulate the immune system by neutralizing the rogue proteins in the blood that can trigger immune responses, remove pathogens and harmful microorganisms, and restore the gastrointestinal tract, good microbiota, and mucosa.

Benefits of GI Proenzyme Synbiotic:

  • Restores and enhances digestion.
  • Relieves indigestion
  • Promotes better absorption
  • Soothes heartburn, bloating & constipation

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PlaqX (10 softgels):

A unique formulation derived from natural, non-GMO soy to help clear out plaque, effectively acting as a personal clean-up crew for the blood vessels. It aids in maintaining the cell membrane integrity, reducing intestinal cholesterol absorption, enhancing reverse cholesterol transport, and removing fatty and hardened plaque from blood vessels which are transported to the liver, where it will be redistributed to other tissues or excreted out from the body by the gallbladder. By enhancing the reverse cholesterol transport, it will lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the blood serum.

Benefits of PlaqX:

  • Clears out plaque
  • Normalizes total cholesterol
  • Increases HDL
  • Maintains kidney functio

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