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Did you know that PlaqX may help alleviate PMS symptoms?

PlaqX help alleviate PMS symptoms

PlaqX contains Phosphatidylcholine and isoflavone which can help decrease the effects of hormonal fluctuations and ease symptoms of PMS .

Phosphatidylcholine in PlaqX can also help you in:


Phosphatidylcholine level in the body decreases as we grow older. Supplementation helps boost its concentration thus improving processes in the body such as: memory and concentration (by increasing acetylcholine levels), skin elasticity, and cellular renewal.

Reducing cholesterol and risk of heart disease

Phosphatidylcholine helps prevent cholesterol buildup in arteries, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides level, and improve blood flow.

Optimizing Liver Function

Exports fat from liver, promotes liver restoration and detoxification thus reduces risk of liver cancer.

PlaqX supplementation ensures that your body is protected from the effects of hormonal imbalance. Try PlaqX today at 20% off price rate exclusively for the first 50 buyers. Valid until 31st July 2017. Hurry up!

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