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Having alcohol problem may not mean that they are an alcoholic. There are occasional drinkers, and some drinks at harmful levels to alcohol dependence.  Drinking alcohol in moderation is not a problem, but it will be when consumed in excess. In official medical diagnoses, these three main types of alcohol problems are the most common:

  1. Binge drinking: Binge drinking is simply drinking an amount of alcohol that is harmful in a session. It is defined as consuming more than 5 standard drinks at a setting for males, as for female, more than 4. Although this type of drinking may not lead to a serious health issue, or alcoholism, this way of consuming alcohol is still harmful to the body.
  2. Alcohol abuse: Alcohol abuse is when drinking starts to result in other problems socially, legally and personally, such as drinking while driving, neglecting responsibilities, poor performance at work or school.
  3. Alcohol dependence: The next stage of alcohol abuse is alcohol dependence, whereby one continues to drink despite problems in his life are developing. This group of individuals would continue to drink despite physical or psychological problems, craving for alcohol will set in when not drinking, developing tolerance towards alcohol and eventually have withdrawal symptoms when not drinking. This is when a person becomes alcoholic.


Symptoms of alcohol addiction:

  • Crave for alcohol
  • Consuming a big amount of alcohol than intended
  • Unable to control alcohol use
  • Continue to consume alcohol despite having recurrent social or interpersonal problems due to alcohol abuse
  • Developing alcohol tolerance, a need to increase the amount of alcohol intake to obtain the desired effectExperiencing withdrawal symptoms when not drinking, such as nausea, irritable, and vomiting


Here are some common causes of alcohol abuse:

  • Family history: When there is a family member who has a diagnosis of an alcohol use disorder, the risk is higher for one to also be diagnosed with the same disorder, mainly because of influence.
  • Lacking family supervision or involvement: Lacking of supervision of parent puts children at a risk to use alcohol, this is related to attention and care parent give to their children.
  • Peer pressure: Pressure from friends that influence an individual to manage stress with alcohol may increase the risk of alcohol abuse.


  1. PE Evolution (30 softgels):Enhanced formulation of Sheep Placenta Extracts with Premium Fish DNA Cellular Extract and Ubiquinol. Since alcohol causes deterioration of cells, especially of the nerves, PE Evolution may boost cellular repair as well as giving energy and stamina.
  2. VP Evolution (30 softgels): Enhanced formulation of Vegetal Placenta Extracts with botanical ingredients for health of the circulatory system. Phytowhite Tripeptide in VP Evolution helps in restoring optimum function of the gastrointestinal system, central nervous system, and cell proliferation. It also protect against free radicals from alcohol
  3. PlaqX (30 softgels)PlaqX is made from plant-based phosphatidylcholine, to improve function of cells and restore vascular health. Some beneficial effects are that it inhibits the tendency of stellate cells to progress to cirrhosis, which is a type of liver disease.
  4. Beginner Pack: PE Evolution (10 softgels) + VP Evolution (10 softgels) + PlaqX (10 softgels)

Recommended daily intake

1 month course (preventive & maintenance) – long term  

1st 10 days for visceral fat reduction: 1 softgel Plaqx in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.

2nd 10 days for liver detoxification: 1 softgel VP Evolution in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.

3rd 10days for restoration of liver health: 1 softgel PE Evolution in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast.  

For individualise intensive (Repair) course, kindly seek our nutritionist advice at [email protected].

Lifestyle Factors

  • Stay healthy and in control: Decreasing or halting drinking is just a first step. Most people do need help or a long-term plan to stay alcohol-free. Seek for the right support, people who you can be accountable with.
  • Avoid temptation: Throw away all alcohol drinks at home and in the office. Distance yourself from bad influences.
  • Be upfront about your new limits: Make it clear that drinking at your home will not be allowed.


Make sure that if you were to consider these remedies, discuss its potential benefits and risks with health-care professionals.

  • Acupuncture: To help reduce alcohol cravings, relieve withdrawal symptoms, to elevate anxiety and depression.
  • Milk thistle: It is a type of antioxidant rich herb, containing silymarin, to restore liver health and protect against alcohol-induced liver damage.



  • Make sure there is a gap in between consumption of supplements, a minimum of 30 minutes before taking the next one.
  • Consult your physician if you are taking any medications before consuming our products.
  • Pregnant, lactating mothers or with medical conditions, kindly consult physician before consuming our products.
  • Protocol of consumption is only a general rule of thumb, for personalized nutritional advice, kindly contact our nutritionist.