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Combating Dry Skin in the Winter Months with Caviar Skin Revitalisation Range

Dry Skin Problems

As much as some of us enjoy the cold winter months whilst cozying up to a warm fireplace and indulging in the season’s favorite spiced pumpkin lattes, the thought of dry and chapped skin can certainly dampen the mood.

It’s uncomfortable and in worse cases, can be painful too.

Dry skin can also lead to other undesirable skin conditions such as flaky and dull looking skin and atopic dermatitis (eczema).

Not only that, but skin dryness makes skin lose its youthful glow and is known to contribute to premature aging skin such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Introducing MF3’s Caviar Skin Revitalisation Range

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The groundbreaking skincare trio formulated with the finest ingredients such as caviar essence works to keep your skin looking luminous and feeling pristine even in the cold windy season.

This luxurious three-step skincare program is designed to give skin new life, with intense hydration, renewal and brightening with each application day by day.

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Step 1: Hydrate with Caviar DNA Day Serum

The fine jewel of skincare and beauty products, caviar is the hydrating secret in MF3’s Caviar DNA Day Serum.

It is enriched with the highest concentration of protein-rich Caviar DNA extract, which not only provides intense hydration by retaining your skin’s natural moisture, but also creates a highly protective film on the skin’s delicate surface.

The extra barrier works to shield skin from damaging environments such as cold and harsh winds.

Moreover, the serum delivers a 10-hour hydration action continuously throughout the day, while nourishing and revitalizing your skin for a plumper and silky complexion.

Besides caviar essence, the Caviar DNA Day Serum also includes other active ingredients such as daisy and licorice extracts, which work together to harmonize the skin’s hydric flow.

These ingredients also have anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties for added skin benefits that combat skin aging.


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Step 2: Correct with Melasma DNA Corrector


With a high-precision roll-on applicator, the Melasma DNA Corrector provides deep-down action to visibly reduce and diminish dark spots and scars.

It is formulated with amazing hyperpigmentation regulator and spot-reducing ingredients such as licorice extract, vitamin C and micro-encapsulated olive extract. These active ingredients work together to actively decrease melanin synthesis and blocks the formation of aging pigments in the skin caused by sun exposure and premature aging.

In time, signs of aging such as the appearance of dark spots will fade, revealing a more translucent and even-toned complexion.

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Step 3: Renew with Caviar DNA Night Serum


A luxurious night time skincare companion, the Caviar DNA Night Serum is created with the age-defying and renewing powers of protein-rich Caviar.

Formulated not only with caviar essence but also powerful plant extracts such as licorice and daisy extracts, Caviar DNA Night Serum harnesses the gifts of nature that is coupled with science.

It works by enhancing the skin’s barrier by providing anti-oxidative, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory nourishment as you sleep throughout the night.

Besides that, the serum also offers pigmentation defense with vitamin C which stimulates collagen synthesis for enhanced anti-aging benefits.

Not only that, the LB complex contained in the serum works to accelerate epidermal cell renewal and eliminate the stresses of the day from the skin’s surface overnight.

Upon each application at night, skin becomes healthier, supple and more luminous. Wake up to glowing and renewed skin by day time!

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The Results

A case study conducted has shown that the incorporation of the Caviar Skin Revitalisation range into a skincare and beauty regimen drastically improves the appearance of skin.

Here are some photos from the case study conducted:

Reduction of Constitutive Pigmentation after 90 Days


Complete removal of pigmentation (age spot) after 56 days.


Reduction of UV-Induced Pigmentation after 56 Days

Improvement on overall Skin Lightness after 56 Days


Learn more about MF3’s Caviar Skin Revitalisation range here.

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