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Coffee Talk with Morrie Chern – Working Woman, Mother, Health Enthusiast and all-around, Wonder Woman

As we celebrate all women in the month of March, we took the time to sit down with NXG Global International Pte. Ltd. Singapore Division Sales Director, Morrie Chern to have a chat about her role as a woman in today’s world.

Though just an interview done over Google Meet, it was a delightful sharing nonetheless, and a refreshing one to have as Morrie was bubbly and lively throughout the entire session.

1. What are the roles you are currently playing?

At work, I’m in charge of overseeing and running the operations of the Singapore division as well as training dealers and spa owners so that they are always up-to-date in the current health & beauty market.

The nature of my job also allows me to help other women to look and feel their best as well as to age gracefully, or how I prefer to put it, “Age like fine wine!”- Something that I personally am very passionate about.

I have a son, so at home, I play the role of a mother and the Boss of the House. I’m definitely always making sure that our home is a clean and safe haven for the whole family. Upon returning home from a long day at work, I make it a point to cook a hearty dinner for my family and spend the evenings with them.

I’m also passionate about ministry work and am an active ministry member as well as a Sunday School teacher. I carry out ministry work after working hours and on days I’m not in the office, participating in church meetings and other church activities.

2. Are there any challenges you have faced at work or at home? How do you overcome them?

Honestly, at this moment, the most challenging thing I face, especially being at my age now is my ability to adapt with today’s fast-moving technology. There is always something new I need to be keeping up. However, I always love a good challenge that requires me to continue upgrading myself too. So, I’ happy to learn as much as possible by taking a hands-on approach and take the necessary steps to progress from there.

I would say another challenge for me is adapting to the younger generation work-wise as they have their own ways of doing things, which is so different from how people my age have always done things.

I find that the different generations always have something that they can take away and learn from each other, and this can only be achieved if there was constant communication, by sharing and listening to different experiences, and always being open to different ideas and perspectives.

3. Can you share with us what makes you feel empowered?

I would say that feel empowered knowing that I have the love and support of my family. My family is also what drives me to do my best every day, and they give me a strong purpose and something to always look forward to.

The passion that I have with my work is also what empowers me because I’m doing what I love, and that for me is important- Doing work that I enjoy and love.

4. In your opinion, what does it take for a woman to feel confident?

Hands down, it’s health. For me, health plays such a crucial role in making anyone feel confident. When you are healthy, you have the ability to keep doing the things that you love and be the best version of yourself every day.

It’s also to have a fresh and positive outlook on life. That way, you have the mental strength to keep taking on new challenges that are thrown at you, regardless of where you are in life or what your age is.

5. What does it mean to be healthy to you?

Being healthy to me means you are capable of being your best self and having the ability to achieve anything you set your mind to, whether it’s a goal or a dream. It’s about being healthy in all aspects, body, mind and spirit.

Some of the ways I keep healthy even at my age is by taking the MF3 Swiss Evolution SPE Softgel supplements and also the PlaqX Extra Softgel supplements.

By including these supplements into my health regimen, I feel energized throughout the day and my overall health is easier to maintain.

6. Can you share with us one or two ways you keep your skin healthy?

I’m using the MF3 Placenta 3R Serum and MF3 Caviar Marine 3R Serum as part of my skincare routine, and have seen a significant improvement in my skin texture since I started using them. My skin also has a healthy and youthful glow to it.

7. Is there any meaningful advice you would like to share to young girls today?

Always love what you are doing, and give it your best all the time. Also, don’t neglect your health and always make it your priority to take care of yourself and your health, because in the long run, health is wealth, and something very valuable.