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A Revolutionary Health Supplement for Heart, Brain and Liver Health

We think we can all agree that to live a long and happy life is ‘the’ main goal.

However, as something that is inevitable, aging can definitely be a scary thing for many of us.

This includes the hurdles that come with aging such as the never-ending aches and pains, the rising health concerns, as well as the degradation of our youthful appearance, are all the things that make up the horrors of growing old.

When we start to experience this, we tend to stop enjoying the things that we used to, like eating our favorite foods to our heart’s content, going out and playing our favorite sports, sometimes even driving, and all the other things that only our ‘younger’ selves can do.

In the words of our Founder Prof. Dr. Mike Chan, “Add quality life to longevity, and not just years to our life” is what everyone should be striving for, and this is actually possible.

The PlaqX Series is a dietary health supplement that is formulated specially for heart, brain and liver health, which are the 3 biggest aging health concerns that people face to this day.

These include poor memory and cognitive functions, fatty liver, stroke and even heart attack.

PlaqX is a revolutionary treatment originally developed to treat liver disease and dissolve fat emboli during and after trauma surgery, MF3’s PlaqX Series has evolved into a potent solution that not only eliminates plaque deposits, but also provides anti-aging benefits that you can see and feel.

Here are the 3 products under the MF3 PlaqX Series:

PlaqX Extra Softgels

Alfa PlaqX Softgels

PlaqX Softgels

With MF3’s PlaqX Series range, our health can be maintained by just taking one softgel a day. So, let’s not allow the fear of growing old prevent us from living our best lives.