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15 signs you need a detox.


Have you been experiencing these symptoms?
– Brain fog
– Memory loss & sleep disturbances,
– Unexplained headaches & sinus congestion
– Environmental & chemical sensitivity
– Skin rashes, eczema or itchy patches
– Constipation
– Low libido
– Lack of concentration, depression or moodiness
– Insomnia
– Bad breath or bad odor
– Cravings
– Fatigue or generalized muscle aches
– Feel wired but tired
– Immune weakness
– Increased belly fat/bloating

If YES, you may have excessive toxins and heavy metal poisoning in your body. Chemicals and toxins in our environment can build up and wreak havoc on our hormones and disrupt our organ systems. Our liver filters out these substances and yet a high level can overwhelm the liver’s performance, resulting in the discomforting conditions you see above.

MF3’s HMD 2IN1 is your answer.

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