How are these substances (PE Softgels and VP Softgels) administered?

With today’s advanced cell therapy technology, MF3 Ltd. has formulated them to be taken orally.

Can I take Cell Therapy supplement with any other nutritional supplements?

Absolutely Cell Therapy is a 100% biological treatment without drugs of any kind. It is an entirely safe and natural therapy, unlike human growth hormones therapy where some harmful side-effects are evident in some patients.

Which source is better – human placenta or animal placenta extract? Why doesn’t one go for human instead of animal?

In principle, there would be little risk of allergy if human extracts are applied onto human bodies. However, with the advance of technology and civilisation, human bodies start to contract all kinds of viruses, bacteria, heavy metal, radiation in the environment and chemical pollutants soon after their birth which cause plenty of toxins in the cells of the human body. Some of the toxins can be eliminated with technological assistance. But either toxins cannot be eliminated even with high temperature, high pressure, anti-toxin programs or sterilisation programs. Such toxins in the human body will always remain inside. Coupled with an unavoidable, uncontrollable and unhealthy dietary intake of human beings (we are what we eat) as well as the possibility of AIDS transmissions, certain European Countries and USA regulations and sanctions, ethnic and moral reasoning against the usage of human placenta, Animal Placenta is without doubt the preferred choice.

I know MF3 is Fat-Free and does not contain large proteins. Why must one remove the large proteins from the extracts? Does that mean they also remove the enzymes, proenzymes, inhibitors, immunoregulatory factors, transport and storage proteins, receptors, DNA and RNA?

Big protein molecules in human or most animal placenta extracts could cause fatal allergic reactions to some people. MF3 PE* and VP Softgels are protein and fat free with small molecular enzymes, inhibitors, immunoregulatory factors, receptors, DNA, RNA.. etc. still kept intact in the cell extract.

How different are PE* Softgels and VP softgels from other placenta extracts apart from their impressive lists of credentials and certifications?

Original placenta oral supplements of PE* and VP Softgels are not easily imitated by other pharmaceutical manufacturers because the main ingredients are retrieved from parts of biological extracts. Furthermore, the outer coating ensures that active peptides are totally absorbed by the body. Just as in multi-vitamin intake, supplements are strongly recommended for long term daily health maintenance.

Is it possible for the unique formulation of to be copied by others?

The formulations in PE* Softgels & VP Softgels are strictly guarded and are IP-protected even from their own contract manufacturers. The main bio-active ingredient, e.g. dermacenta extracts from unique plants in VP Softgels and the DNA cell extracts in PE* Softgels & VP Softgels are specially procured, processed and blended using special techniques by an elite formulation team in MF3 Ltd. before passing over to their contract manufacturers for final encapsulation into capsules.