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{:en}20th February 2017

To whom it may concern


Warning Notice


It has come to our attention that there are some unscrupulous parties that are selling counterfeit, fake or unauthorized products bearing the “MFIII / MF3” trademark and/or using the “MFIII / MF3” trademark for the purpose of distribution, advertisement and promotional activities without the authorization, consent and/or permission of MF3 Ltd and/or the NexGen Group. We condemn these activities as they are in violation of the intellectual property rights of MF3 Ltd and/or the NexGen Group. We emphasize that these conducts are prohibited under the laws and regulations of the respective countries around the world.

Further, the products that are not produced and supplied by MF3 Ltd and/or the NexGen Group (not genuine products) could bring serious health issues to the consumers upon consumption or usage. These products are being sold by the unauthorized parties via various channels which include but not limited to direct selling and via the online portals to our innocent and esteemed customers around the world especially in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Being the brand owner and principal of MF3, we have been taking and will continue to take the necessary legal and other appropriate actions to protect our brands and legal rights under the law. In fact, the NexGen Group has recently successfully brought a legal action in Malaysia against an unauthorized party who has infringed the “MF3 / MFIII” trademark.

As a result of the above, MF3 Ltd advises our valued and esteemed customers, end-users and/or consumers to only purchase genuine MFIII / MF3 products through our authorized distributors and/or e-commerce site which is at

If you are unsure or have suspicion about anything pertaining to the MFIII / MF3 as to whether the products are genuine or the distributors are duly licensed and/or authorized to distribute the MFIII / MF3 products, please immediately email us at [email protected].

Thank you for your kind attention.

MF3 Ltd.{:}{:zh}2017年2月20日





本公司发现市面上有不法分子正售卖“MFIII / MF3”商标的仿制品或未经授权产品;又或以“MFIII / MF3”名义进行分销、广告宣传或促销活动,却从未获得MF3公司及/或NexGen Group公司正式授权、同意或批准。我方极力谴责此类侵犯MF3公司及/或NexGen Group公司的不法活动;更必须强调的是, 各国的法律均大力禁止此类侵权行为。

此外,非MF3公司及/或NexGen Group公司所正式生产及供应的(伪制)产品,会对消费者带来严重健康问题。未经授权者通过各种管道非法售卖产品,其管道包括但不限于:通过网络直接向不知情的客户售卖,尤其是在印尼、菲律宾、泰国、越南及马来西亚的客户。

作为MF3品牌持有人兼委托方,我方向来采取必要的法律行动或其他适当的行动以维护品牌的法定权利,将来亦持续此立场。其实,NexGen集团最近已成功在马来西亚对侵犯“MF3 / MFIII”商标的未经授权者成功采取法律行动。

基于上述原因,MF3公司呼吁各位尊贵的客户、最终用户及/或全体消费者,为安全起见,仅向我公司授权的经销商及/或电子商务网站www.mf3swiss.com购买MFIII / MF3原产真品。

若阁下对MFIII / MF3产品的真伪或分销商有任何疑虑或不确定性。敬请尽快发电邮至[email protected] 查证。


MF3 Ltd.{:}