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MF3 Launches its First E-commerce Store

International award-winning MF3 announces its first ever e-commerce store this month December on its official website

The online store exclusively features MF3 products, and offers free shipping to several countries globally including Europe, Hong Kong, Middle East and selected East and South East Asian countries.

Some of the products available for immediate purchase at the website are MF3’s best-selling supplements Placenta Extract (PE) Softgels Advanced Formula and Vegetal Placenta (VP) Softgels Advanced Formula, and its range of made-in-Switzerland skincare products.

“An e-commerce store has been part of MF3’s initiative to put consumer safety and security in the centre of MF3 online buying experience. The launching of the e-commerce store is a major step in this direction,” commented Francis Chung, Group Chief Operating Officer of Nexgen Biopharma, the holding company of MF3.

“Fans and loyal supporters of MF3 products now have online access to genuine MF3 products and can shop for our products confidently. More countries are expected to be added for shipping in the next three months,” he added.

Also recently introduced is MF3 Authorised Online Reseller badge that allows only recognised and approved merchants to sell MF3 products on the internet.

Counterfeit MF3 PE and VP Softgels Advanced Formula had been rampant in the past that it pushed the company to implement measures to protect customer safety.

“All MF3 authorised online reseller’s website will prominently feature a special security seal. This security seal contains the authorised resellers name and a unique authorised identification code. By clicking on this seal, shoppers will be redirected to MF3’s verification page at which will then verify the legitimacy of MF3’s resellers,” said Francis.

Shoppers are strongly advised to learn more at on this security feature before buying from other online stores.

About MF3

MF3 began its proud history as MF3 of Switzerland, the brand that carries pioneering Softgels supplements made from animal and plant placenta extracts. Initially developed under LABDOM Suisse, MF3 of Switzerland’s revolutionary PE and VP Softgels Advanced Formula supplements became the forerunner of placenta supplements in the market and captured worldwide fans for their superior quality and proven results. MF3 of Switzerland continued to release exciting products until its operations and the IP rights of its supplements and premium aesthetic skincare range were acquired by Nexgen Biopharma Limited in 2015. With a new brand identity, MF3 continues to deliver revolutionary high performing products to meet consumer demands and needs worldwide.

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