Announcements, Warning Notice


In order to ensure consumer safety and well-being, MF3 Swiss would like to remind not only our customers and clients but also the general public about the dangers and health risks associated with consuming unauthentic, imitation and counterfeit products.
There have been reports of imitations of our health supplements in the market recently, namely the PlaqX Series Softgels by unauthorized individuals online.

With that, we would like to urge the public to be wary of unauthentic products being sold by unauthorized individuals or companies and act responsibly.

In order to avoid falling victim to unauthentic and counterfeit MF3 Swiss products, here are a few steps you can take to ensure your own safety:

1. Buy ONLY from authorized resellers. MF3 Authorized Online Resellers have an Authorised Online Reseller Seal on their website which can be verified.
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2. You can check the authenticity of the MF3 Swiss product by verifying the serial number on the product.
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For more details, you can check out the MF3 Swiss Brand Protection page here: