年轻了10 岁.

Min Su, 澳大利亚
MF3 PE AF 软胶囊(含胎盘素)使用者。

我已服食MF3 胎盘素软胶囊10 年了; 以我现在的年纪, 皮肤和体力都还很好。目前仍然在服用。

Rofiji C, 印度尼西亚
MF3 PE AF 软胶囊(含胎盘素)使用者

我的皮肤看起来更年轻,亮丽。我要在美国多买 Plaqx MF3 PE AF(含胎盘素)软胶囊.

Linh N, 美国
MF3 PE AF(含优质海产鱼子)软胶囊及Plaqx使用者

产品是由身在尼日利亚的叔叔介绍给我。我试用后,感觉良好, 看起来比实际年龄年轻, 感觉真好。 我很喜欢并会推介给朋友。

Ajibola A, 英国
MF3 PE AF 软胶囊(含胎盘素)使用者

Impressive as it helps to feel more energy, health. My digestive problems have improved a lot and articulation problems have improved by 90%. I highly recommend it. Excellent products to improve health. And I look younger than before.

Guillermo Alvarado, Mexico
MF3 PE Softgels AF with Placenta and Evolution 3IN1 user


马来西亚,Eunice Chee
MF3 PE AF 软胶囊(含胎盘素)使用者

My friends can see my skin has brighter and myself found that my joint problem has improvement, especially my knee.

Liew Y. C., Malaysia
MF3 PE Softgels AF with Placenta user


Dr. Paramasivam, 马来西亚
MF3 PE AF 软胶囊(含胎盘素)使用者

Skin has been brighten up after 2 weeks and better sleep during the night. 

Jenny Chiu, Hong Kong
Evolution 3IN1 user

Skin is visually supple and a sense of well being rejuvenated from within. From the very first capsule, you can feel the difference. 

Jason Yeo, Singapore
VP Evolution user