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MF3 PE* Softgels AF’s sheep placenta is obtained from stringently selected and certified closed colony healthy sheep of 40 generations. The PE* Softgels AF cell culture is 99% water soluble and is from pure raw materials without any foreign contents. Sheep placenta extract proteins are particularly compatible with the human body and trigger no immune reactions. Sheep extract is a rich source of nutrients coupled with growth factors and bio active cytokines. Scientific studies concluded that PE* Softgels AF sheep placenta ingredient contains high level of special proteins which promote cell growth. It has been proven through double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical studies at the Clinical Skin Testing Department Skin Testing Institute Neuchâtel that MF3 PE* Softgels AF enhances and invigorates our bodies with a wide range of health benefits.

MF3 PE* SOFTGELS AF underwent stringent quality and health control standards

  • Certified by high quality standards of ISO 14001, TQM (Total Quality Management), HACCP and FDA compliance.
  • Met specific requirements of Qualified Responsible Chemists, Pharmacists, Toxicologists and Quality Controllers.
  • GLP (Good Laboratories Practice conditions) and Bio-HC clinically tested.
  • Complied fully with the requirements of EC –cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), the highest GMP status in manufacturing.

*Sheep placenta in the PE softgel is available in selected territories only; and where applicable is declared as selected nutrients on product labelling.

Other related clinical studies:

The objectives of this study were to evaluate the specific cosmetic efficacy of the food supplement called “MF3 PE Softgels”, against its placebo version of identical appearance and taste.

Source: Evaluation of the IN VIVO cosmetic efficacy of the MF3 PE softgels (dietary Supplement). A Four- Month Randomized Placebo-Controlled Double-blind study.The paper can be read here.

Placenta consumption (placentophagy) is a widely encountered phenomenon in animal kingdom and also is accepted in certain communities as one of the means to increase mother’s energy, stimulate milk production, balance the hormonal level, reduce postpartum depression and insomnia, and achieve
anti-aging effect.

Source: Efficacy of the MF3 placenta extracts softgels supplementation: a randomized double-blind placebo controlled study. Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Sciences, Vol 5(5), 86-95. The paper can be read here and accessed at Basic Research Journal.

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