MF3 PE Softgels AF with Marine Cellular Extracts

Fortified with Vegetal Actives

Premium fish DNA cellular extracts daily nutritional supplement for cellular renewal, complete wellness and total rejuvenation



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PE Softgels AF is a daily nutritional supplement with concentrated fish DNA cellular extracts for cellular renewal, wellness and rejuvenation.

Non-placental PE Softgels AF with premium fish DNA cellular extracts is manufactured in Switzerland. PE Softgels AF with sheep placenta is manufactured in Germany, EU and the United States.

PE Softgels AF is a nutritional supplement with fish DNA cellular extracts for wellness and rejuvenation. This version of PE Softgels AF features exclusive premium fish DNA cellular extracts that are rich in growth factors, dermal bio activators, amino acids, vitamins and minerals for your general health. It specializes in the nourishment of renewal. Produced with a double enteric coating system, the softgels can bypass the stomach and dissolve in the small intestine where active ingredients are fully absorbed by the body for rejuvenation at cellular level.

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Activating Cellular Regeneration from Within